Ignite the Spark!

Dialogue for the A-ha! Moment

Warning: Think Before Entering the Rabbit Hole

Down the rabbit holeWe are ready. The time has come to open the hatch and enter the rabbit hole – as an invitation to share our stories on the creative process. The A-ha Moment! or Eureka moment. Outside-the-Box thinking. What are YOUR a-ha! moments? These experiences are channeled from a variety of places and hit us when we least expect it. Personally, I’m only beginning to harness this treasure found deep within, which can be equated with tapping into a vein of gold. I’ve learned to listen to what comes up upon waking in the morning.  Others say their best thinking comes when they are in the shower. A journal to write down the things that arise is invaluable – like answers to questions I’ve asked the night before that pop out the next morning before I get preoccupied with STUFF. A great personal coach I worked with who recently moved to Chicago suggested I keep an Idea Box. Find a special box to slot your ideas into then look at them once a week. Stoke the embers as a small idea may ignite into a flame later on.
That innocuous idea you write down could one day be a million dollar venture. But that is not the intention. In fact, being obsessed with equating your ideas with making money is a sure way to hinder finding the rich mine fields that lie deep within. The trick is to be your own witness to the experience without judgment. Then go ahead and mine that vein of gold later if you believe the idea has merit.
So let’s get started. The invitation is open to one and all to share our stories. Let’s share our stories as to what the landscape in this rabbit hole is all about. We are only limited by our imagination. I invite you to join our workshop on April 13th to learn more about the magic and mystery of the puzzling phenomenon. Register now as it’s sure to be a sell out!



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