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Dialogue for the A-ha! Moment

The Wizard Behind the Oz

I’m a Graphic Designer that specializes in Branding for Small Business. Your logo should act as a magnet to attract your tribe, those people you want to do business with. I start the process by asking:
What’s your passion? What got you excited to go into this business?
Let’s answer that then add fuel to ignite the creative process to find solutions that align to the Bull’s Eye of your business vision. Using a strategy plan as road map to get you there. I can show you how.

I capture your authentic voice in the design process by getting to the core, that spark that excited you to go into business in the first place. We’ll find what you want to tell your your target market, your tribe, then further the process by clarifying your message, then create continuity of that message to all print and online platforms.
Laurie Kingdon

Print + Web solutions for small business.

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