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Dialogue for the A-ha! Moment

Do you have an IDEA BOX?

The Aha Moment –

The-Ideabox1Designers live for aha! moments – those moments that pull the current struggling issues at hand together instantaneously and miraculously solve the problems that come up in our work. The-IdeaboxThese moments share a few things in common – an issue, problem, dilemma that needs resolving. They are not created in a vacuum, but arise after a great deal of thought has taken place.

Do you have an idea box?

Ideas can come up unexpectedly. Keep a notepad with you with a favourite pen wherever you are so you can jot a great idea in your travels. You never know if it’ll turn out to be a million dollar idea or just a good idea at the time that doesn’t merit further attention. No matter. Pay respect to those ideas – and like a garden – tending to your ideas – by jotting them down and thinking about the next step or strategy may result in bearing fruit or flower down the road. You never know. Actualizing an idea may be life transformative by changing the course of your life through new experiences, meeting new people and learning new things. That’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Laurie Kingdon | Creative Director
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