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The Anatomy of a Logo

Recently, I was offered a gift from heaven when an associate told me a friend needed a logo and website because the subject was intuition – a subject I’m passionate about. My intuition is my GPS in my work as a graphic/web designer which guides an insatiable curiosity. This interest goes back over 30 years ago when I read Carl Jung’s writings while attending Emily Carr College of Art (now Emily Carr University). Jung wrote prolifically about the use of intuition in the creative process. It was an amazing time in my life. I was having daily coincidences and synchronicity experiences constantly during my art school experience. Heady times.

The Design Process.

When I accept a design project, it’s like a seed is planted in my head. All experiences from that moment come into play until the logo is done come into play as my mind starts to work out different ideas and solutions – unconsciously and consciously –  to create the logo. I feed the creative process with visits to the local art school library, which, in my case, happens to be Emily Carr University. This not only feeds ideas, but keeps me current with what’s currently happening in the design field.

The design process for the Institute of Intuition began at the first meeting when I met the client. Yama shared his story about his passion for the subject of intuition. Ideas started to flow based on first impressions. My client was predominantly left-brain, based on an analytical education and background. However, this linear thinking was juxtaposed against his interest in, and connection to his intuition, which flies right out of the right brain.  This otherwise quiet, polite Japanese gentleman gets very passionate when he talks about intuition. It’s a well-known fact that scientists are known to have AHA moments when finding a solution to a problem they’ve spent time working on. Einstein openly spoke about his AHA moments and the use of intuition to solve his mathematical problems.

The Anatomy of the Logo for The Institute of Intuition

After the meeting, I jotted down ideas for the logo. I ran through the cliches, such as using the light bulb, doors, and one suggestion from my client, using the infinity symbol. The one constant I had was to use the font, Bodoni, because it represents tradition + elegance – away from the more flighty “new age” movement which dominates the field of intuition. My client is a man of science who recognizes the beautiful interplay between the “left brain” rational mind and the “right brain” out of which intuition arises. Below are the results of a few of concepts I created:

Over the course of a few weeks, I took a break one evening to go to a dinner party with a couple of friends. While in transit, as often happens when one lets go of problem solving and relaxes, I had an AHA moment. I had an insight to use the letter I as the logo and to create a flurry of sparks and fireworks around it in order to define the flash of insight which often occurs when one’s intuition is active. At this moment, the idea and concept met with a visual solution. Below is the final result. The letter I represents the person, while intuition is represented by the sparks, stars and flash of light which are designed to reflect the elements of surprise, delight and wonder.  When I presented the logo concepts the next day to the client, the client immediately decided which logo concept worked for his business.

Next: The Website

I will design the site based on the use of the logo, which is the pivotal point in the business out of which all media is defined. This continuity in the design process defines and builds the client’s brand presence. Stay tuned as I work out the ideas with building this exciting site.

Final Concept #3
Final Concept #1

Final Concept #1

Final Concept #2

Final Concept #2

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