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Pinterest… an endless array of rabbit holes!

Uh oh… I’m in trouble. As a self-employed graphic designer, I discovered Pinterest. Not only can I now show my current projects and interests, I get to scurry down other people’s rabbit holes that they’ve built and play in their found treasure. Makes for endless adventures in a day.

However, I need to keep my eye on the ball by making a living. Thank God I’m passionate about what I do and this spills into my work for my client. Branding for business. Then taking that brand across multiple platforms – through print + web media with consistency and continuity. I’m excited about taking my client’s idea – that spark that inspired them to go into business in the first place – to create a logo – that visually represents their business and aligns to their business vision.

I used to design logos without looking at my client’s big picture – their business vision. Now I’m looking at their business from a longer lens to include strategy. The client can immediately plan what to do and when to do it as their business grows. The timing is simple: follow a business road map through its growth cycles. When a business reaches a certain sales quota – then it is time to invest in their marketing plan so as to keep the sales funnel, or pipeline, full. All too often this process is neglected as the entrepreneur is focused working IN their business at the expense of focussing ON their business. A strategy plan will assure them that this vital process is not neglected and that the pipeline is constantly filled.

Pinterest helps satisfy an insatiable sense of curiosity, a quality that serves me well as a designer. I am constantly looking for unique solutions to design issues that arise. One of my tricks to brainstorming new ideas is to constantly be exposed to new data. Not only does Pinterest feed that curiosity, it inspires new, inventive ideas and fresh approaches of problem solving. Which then spills into the work for my client.

Got a great idea for a business? Need help figuring out what to do next? Let’s talk!

I offer a complimentary brainstorming session to get you started. At the very least, help you point your arrows in the right direction. I can guarantee it will be worth it.

Laurie Kingdon | Outside the Box Graphics | 778.839.3755

Website: www.outsidetheboxgraphics.net

Email: laurie@outsidetheboxgraphics.net


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