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Dialogue for the A-ha! Moment

Do you have an IDEA BOX?

The Aha Moment – Designers live for aha! moments – those moments that pull the current struggling issues at hand together instantaneously and miraculously solve the problems that come up … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of a Logo

Recently, I was offered a gift from heaven when an associate told me a friend needed a logo and website because the subject was intuition – a subject I’m passionate … Continue reading

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Today’s Aha Moment

Scientists prove the existence of┬áthe a-ha moment: The “aha” spot: At moments of insight, the brain experiences 40Hz oscillations (gamma waves) over the right anterior temporal lobe and just above … Continue reading

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Time and Creativity

I’ve recently noticed how I use my relationship with time to crack the whip to get something done, even though I’m always running late. I constantly pressure myself to “GO” … Continue reading

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Sabotaging the Creative Process

I just learned another way I sabotage my creative process. I had been invited to my friend’s 50th birthday party over a month ago, which gave me plenty of time … Continue reading

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Josh Lerner: an Insight into the Aha Moment.


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Pinterest… an endless array of rabbit holes!

Uh oh… I’m in trouble. As a self-employed graphic designer, I discovered Pinterest. Not only can I now show my current projects and interests, I get to scurry down other … Continue reading

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